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Becky Yackley

Experienced Leadership

Welcome to the 2A Heritage Junior Camps!  Becky Yackley proudly serves as Camp Director. She led the MGM East Camp over the past years and carries on the tradition of the MGM 3-Gun camps.

Becky was High Lady at two 3-gun events in 2015; she was second at the Starlight 3-Gun night shoot and third at the 3-Gun Nation Nationals, Bianchi Cup and the inaugural Hiperfire Rifle match. She also shot for the World Championship U.S. team at the IPSC Shotgun World Shoot in Italy.

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Living out our vision to “pay it forward” with the gift of time & talent to grow American traditions in firearms sports.

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Dean DeTurk

Dean DeTurk


Tommy Thacker

Tommy Thacker


Tabor Bright

Tabor Bright

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How do I register?

Each camper must submit an application. Registration is not complete until you have received confirmation from the Camp Director.  After acceptance, you will receive an invoice. The rate is $350 per camper.

What is the schedule?

Classes will take place on the first two days of camp, followed by a match-style shoot the final day wrapping up by 2-3pm.  Start time each day will depend on the temperatures and weather. Classes will be tailored by the instructors, and have covered in the past: pistol, rifle, shotgun (basic), and then long-range rifle, shotgun on the move/slugs/buckshot, advanced pistol skills, and transitions and stage planning. Campers will be squadded appropriately.

Who can attend?

Experienced junior 3-gun competitors may apply. Registration is limited to 25 campers per event. A parent must attend the event with his or her camper unless approved arrangements have been made in advance. All required forms must be signed and submitted.

What gear is needed?

All your 3-gun gear: Rifle, pistol, shotgun, ammo, slings for rifle and shotgun.  Clothes for the appropriate location, water bottle, etc. Chairs or stools. (Parents: Feel free to bring any awnings or chairs you might want to use to keep the kids out of the sun.)
Ammunition and round counts will be announced closer to the event.


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